瑞米伦贝格剧院 & 舞蹈启动集合演出节

新闻图片 有超过50名学生表演, 艺术节的五个项目从 以《kb体育》为原型的行为艺术 一场沉浸式的“年度派对”

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当穆伦伯格学院剧院 & 舞蹈部门 put out a call for proposals last fall, 为今年春天的表演节做准备, the proposal guidelines boiled down to a single word: “assembly.”

“Our first association with the word ‘assembly’ might be where we learn to ‘say no to drugs’ in elementary school,” 丽贝卡·拉斯帝格, the department’s director of the co-curricular/production program. “A而这个词可以和教育联系在一起, 它也可以与立法机构挂钩, 聚会, 致简·奥斯汀, and — maybe most relevant to us — to the idea of collective gathering.”

在这个单一的协调思想之外, 欢迎所有建议, 任何一个穆伦伯格的学生, 教师, or staff member — anything from a ten-minute performance art piece to a full-length musical.

The lineup that emerged included a popular underground musical theater piece, an invitation to attend an immersive “party of the year,这是一种为悲伤留出空间的反思仪式, and a performance art piece exploring text from 首页r’s “Odyssey.” The initial lineup also included an original musical inspired by Peter Kropotkin's writing about mutual aid, which has since evolved into a collective engaged in community-based mutual aid projects.

“I think that everyone really missed being a part of the process and having a creative voice,” 天蓝色参孙, the Muhlenberg senior who is serving as student artistic director of the festival. “This is our way of integrating the celebration of being back together into student opportunities to collaborate theatrically.”

这个节日将有50多名表演者参加, with even more students working on creative and production teams. 五个项目中有三个是由学生主导的.

Lustig has overseen a transition to a more thoughtful and inclusive approach to season selection for the department — one that emphasizes process and collaboration. The Assembly Festival is an extension of this approach to storytelling.

“By embracing new voices in the theatrical process, we can receive richer stories,” Lustig says. “I am definitely excited to be featuring student-led work to this extent. kb体育完整版APP下载希望能够突出他们的才能.”


互助项目由伊森·菲尔布里克担任顾问, is a student collective engaged in the practice of mutual aid throughout the semester. The group plans to hold seven meetings over the course of the semester that will be open to anyone in the Muhlenberg community to explore ways to creatively plan a series of mutual aid initiatives and stagings together, perhaps through a series of social sculptures and other artistic practices. 会议日期在 portakalsoft.com/seeashow.

“A Feeling of, Feeling for,” March 25-27, a devised piece directed by Maereg Gebretekle, is an interactive ritual inspired by Omise’eke Natasha Tinsley’s article "Black Atlantic, 酷儿大西洋." How do we withdraw from intellectualizing our way out of trauma and towards inserting ourselves back into our bodies? How can we mourn the person who we could’ve become but no longer desire to be? The ritual explores these questions and more through a collaborative practice with the audience.

“You Are Cordially Invited,” March 3-5, is an immersive theatre experience directed by Sarah Levine. 每年克罗林一家都会举办盛大的派对. Last year everyone lucky enough to get an invite couldn’t stop talking about it for weeks. 这似乎好得令人难以置信,或者可能太奇怪了, because the things people said they saw there last year don’t sound… real. 这一切都是骗局吗? Now is your chance to discover for yourself; this year you are cordially invited to the party of the year.

“Rosy-Crimson,”the week of April 11-13, at sunset, led by Kim Hoeckele, 摄影学助理教授, uses repeated text from multiple English translations of 首页r's 《kb体育》 作为其实验性能的基础. The script is a series of vignettes that skew narrative, disrupt dialogue, and confound meaning.

《kb体育》,4月29日至5月1日, from creators Star Kid comes a new musical directed by 齐亚娜福尔摩斯. 在人类诞生之初, one of the tribes of cave-people survived the many trials of prehistoric life under the wise leadership of Jemilla, 和平者. But one member of the tribe doesn’t seem to fit in: Zazzalil. 在酝酿她的最新计划时, Zazzalil stumbles upon the most important discovery in her history — one that will pit her tribe against woolly mammoths and saber-tooth tigers, 永远地改变世界. She’ll travel from omega to alpha and become… the Firebringer!

Tickets for each project will be available a couple weeks before showtime, at portakalsoft.com/seeashow 或致电484-664-3333. Box office hours are Monday through Friday, noon to 6 p.m. 离开演还有两小时. 所有顾客都需要戴口罩.


关于穆伦伯格学院剧院 & 舞蹈部门
Muhlenberg offers Bachelor of 艺术 degrees in theatre and dance. The Princeton Review ranked Muhlenberg’s theatre program in the top twelve in the nation for eight years in a row, and Fiske Guide to Colleges lists both the theatre and dance programs among the top small college programs in the United States. Muhlenberg is one of only eight colleges to be listed in Fiske for both theatre and dance.

成立于1848年, 穆伦伯格是一个非常挑剔的人, 私人, 四年的住宅, liberal arts college offering baccalaureate and graduate programs. 注册人数约为2人,200名学生, 穆伦伯格学院致力于塑造创意, 富有同情心的, collaborative leaders through rigorous academic programs in the arts, 人文学科, natural sciences and social sciences; selected preprofessional programs, 包括会计, 业务, education and public health; and progressive workforce-focused post-baccalaureate certificates and master’s degrees. 位于阿伦敦, 宾西法尼亚, 大约在纽约市以西90英里处, 穆伦伯格是百年纪念会议的成员, 参加了22项大学代表队运动. Muhlenberg is affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.